Facebook and the Housing, Employment & Credit Advertising Monster

I promise I’m writing this from a clear-headed and calm state of mind when I say this, but these

recent Facebook transparency and privacy changes are driving me bananas. Now, I totally

understand the reason for these changes to lower the risk of discrimination through digital

advertising, but we are finding the new vetting system Facebook has implemented is a


As you may know, Facebook has been under the microscope with their advertising transparency

and privacy features. Changes have been made as an aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica

scandal, the Zuckerberg testimonial and various other reports of 3 rd party data sharing issues.

These changes have created a ripple effect throughout the digital advertising spectrum

including addressing issues within the government that have never been brought up before.

These changes include any advertisements that involve Housing, Employment or Credit content.

Facebook notes: Facebook cares deeply about civil rights and we want to make sure we're advancing them on our platform. As of August 26, all advertisers based in the US or trying to reach audiences in the

US are required to use our new process to buy housing, employment and credit ads. These ads are now considered Special Ad Categories and have restricted targeting options in Ads Manager.

What this means is Facebook will not allow you to target gender nor age and will also limit

geography and interest-based targeting if the ad has anything to do with housing, employment

or credit opportunities.

Upon creating any advertisement that involves this type of language buyers are required to

mark the ad as a “Special Category” eliminating gender and age targeting. (Advertisers will not

be able to target gender specific or age specific 18+ only). In addition to these changes,

Facebook will limit interest-based targeting for these Special Categories. If your ad hints at one

of these three categories (or even on your landing page!) and you have not declared the ad as a

“Special Category” your ad runs the risk of being disapproved by Facebook. Following along

with the changes Facebook has been making for the upcoming political election year, expect

more changes to continue to come.

We saw these headach…err, changes come into play in September for some of our clients. If

you are a business that deals with apartments, real estate, automotive, banking or credit

unions, employment or even looking to promote a post to fill a position, these changes will

affect you! Part of our job is to strategize the most effective way to implement these changes

for our clients, and I believe we are successful in doing so. But, it takes thinking outside the box

and utilizing the other forms and features Facebook offers to do so. Want to learn how we’re

adapting? Let us know!

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