Fall Movies

Fall is here and though it’s sad summer is over, here at Bucket we’re loving all our favorite fall activities, from cheering on our favorite football teams to cozying up for good movies!

As the weather cools down, Hollywood releases some of their best films to the theaters, drawing crowds of people who love movies just as much as we do. We’ve looked ahead in anticipation and chosen a few movies we think will be worth seeing and have included a commonly overlooked advertising opportunity in the theaters your company might be interested in taking advantage of.

If you like a movie with some good music there’s already a movie out in the theaters for you! Directed, produced, and starring Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born follows a country music artist who meets and falls in love with a struggling singer played by Lady Gaga. It looks like it’s full of surprises and original music (and who knew Bradley Cooper could sing?!).

Beautiful Boy is in theaters now as well! The emotional true story of David and Nic Sheff focuses on the relationship between a father and a son who is battling an addiction to meth. Rather than only telling the story of the struggling individual, Beautiful Boy reveals the impact of addiction on loved ones as well.

For all the Queen music lovers, Bohemian Rhapsody is coming out on November 2nd. The movie commemorates Queen’s music as well as lead singer Freddie Mercury. It tells the true story of Queen’s rising success and Freddie’s personal struggle with AIDS.

And last but not least, J.K. Rowling has kept the magic alive with her new screenplay sequel. On November 16th, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released in theaters. Full of action and suspense, Rowling fans can look to even more spells and adventure in the wizarding world.

Here’s where the advertising opportunity comes in. As you can see, these movies look really good and we think people are going to be just as excited to see them as we are. What many companies don’t realize is that as large numbers of people flock to the theaters for new releases, the theater becomes a fantastic platform to promote products and services.

Averaging 6.2 million impressions among 18-49 year olds alone per week, theaters are reaching a vast audience at an ideal age range. Less noise and clutter vying for the audience’s attention means the rate of engagement in theaters is high and upon leaving, movie goers boast nearly 60% ad recall.

As fall movie season begins to pick up, consider taking advantage of the large crowds and high engagement rates to get your brand’s message to consumers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Now go grab a bucket of popcorn or box of candy (or both, why not?) and enjoy the best that fall film season has to offer.

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