Google My Business Agency Access Is Coming

On Tuesday Google announced that it’s going to be making improvements to Google My Business that will make it easier for agencies to manage listings on behalf of clients. This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time and it’s nice to see Google is finally making it a reality.

This change will allow agencies to help clients who simply don’t have time to keep their Google My Business listing updated. As business owners, many of our clients wear multiple hats and anything we can take off their plate is welcomed. It’s also important because there are still so many businesses that haven’t claimed their free Google My Business listing and/or don’t know the importance of having an accurate, complete listing.

There’s also the agency experience to consider. As an agency, we have our pulse on the industry, keeping tabs on new updates & features as they’re released. That means that we will likely know about new features before our clients will and best practices on how to implement them, as well as being more consistent with updates. With all the new features Google My Business has released recently (such as posts, messaging, and video options), implementing them before a competitor does will make the client’s listing look more impressive & relevant.

There haven’t been any definite dates confirmed for the rollout of the agency Google My Business accounts and partner program yet, but it will be coming soon. Those who take advantage of this opportunity will definitely have a leg up.

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