The Facebook Algorithm from an Agency's Viewpoint

By now everyone has heard the big news that Facebook has switched up their algorithm for business pages organic posts, and you have probably done your own research to see how this is going to affect your business, right?

Well, I am not here to share tips and tricks on how to keep your organic posts showing up in users’ news feeds, but I am here to dissect Mark Zuckerberg’s post from an agency's viewpoint. Let’s dig in, shall we?

From the Top of Zuckerberg’s Facebook Post

From the Top of Zuckerberg’s Facebook Post


Interpretation: We (Facebook) want you, the user, on our platform more often for longer periods of time. Not only are we a multibillion-dollar company, but we also care about you and your family…

Interpretation: We have been hearing people complain about too many spammy ads, and we want to fix that. We want to keep Facebook “lit af” (isn’t that what the kids say nowadays?). Don’t worry though…our pros at Silicon Valley did some re-evaluations to make sure everyone enjoys their Facebook experience.

Interpretation: We are working really hard to stop the bots, cyberbullies, and to create safe spaces for you, the users. Not only that, but we want each of your experiences with Facebook to be meaningful and relevant.

Moving On…

Interpretation: At least that is what we are going to tell the public…

Interpretation: Brands need to have more engaging content if they want more exposure. We don’t mean engagement-bait. We will actually demote posts that do this. We are talking about those meaningful, relevant posts that get a lot of clicks!

Interpretation: Things are getting a little out of hand, we’ll take the push-back from brands if it means you’ll like us more.

Interpretation: We are getting back to our roots here, and we want everyone to have a meaningful experience with Facebook.

Now that we have gotten real and dissected Mark’s (yes, we are on a first name basis) Facebook post, it is time to address one very serious worry…


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