Connecting with Gen Z as Their Buying Power Continues to Increase

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Generation Z, is the youngest American generation, born in between 1998 and 2016. Generation Z, or Gen Z, makes up about 25% of the population and will account for 40% of consumers by 2020. Trying to connect with a 16 year old in 2008 versus a 16 old in 2018 is a completely different animal and brands are starting to see this with how they are marketing to their demographic. The difference between traditional Millennials and Generation Z is apparent once the two are compared. According to Business Insider, they are the most diverse and inclusive generation yet. It is no question that a good way to connect with Gen Z is through social media, but there are some key factors that marketers need to know to market to them successfully. Gen Z has grown up accustomed to quickly scrolling through social media and deciding what will be relevant to them in a matter of seconds. So, what is the best way to connect with a generation that has always had endless information at their fingertips their entire lives, the generation that seems to have always been connected?


They have grown up in a time that is saturated with social media and technology and they can spot inauthentic messages almost immediately. They would rather see real people than models. They have been marketed to their entire lives and are fully ‘marketing aware.’ This is why using influencers, such as famous Instagrammers and vloggers can be so successful with Gen Z. Over 40% of Gen Z say they are easily swayed by others opinions and they most often learn about new products from celebrities and other people with a large social media presence and following. They prefer influencer marketing even more than Millennials because influencers feel more genuine to Gen Z.

It’s all about branding

Gen Z has been working hard to produce a brand for themselves for years now. They are hyper-aware of their social media presence, but also have realized the importance of their ‘brand’ off the web. This makes them more likely to support brands they believe in that have a similar brand and lifestyle to them. They want to be able to relate to these brands which means having relatable and relevant content is important when trying to connect with them. Creating relatable content they want to share can be a huge way to grow with in this market. They want to support brands with similar values and won’t be shy about voicing their opinions about them.

Reach them from every angle

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that Gen Z is often connected on multiple devices. They are often online shopping on their laptop, watching TV, and scrolling through Instagram all at the same time. This is why campaigns need to reach multiple platforms and send the message through a variety of mediums. These campaigns should be versatile, eye catching and creative. Try to get Gen Z involved in the campaign by using hashtags or by running giveaways and contests.


Marketing should no longer solely be about the product, message, meaning, company, or brand, but about the consumers. Companies need to shift their attention to understand their market rather than creating content and pushing it into the web. The sooner a brand can understand the target market on a deeper level, the sooner marketing becomes truly successful. When brands figure out how to make a positive impact on the lives of consumers, that is when marketing is successful.

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