Twitter Tests 280-Characters; Has the World Gone Mad?

Yesterday, @Jack and @Twitter broke the news that Twitter would be increasing the character limit from 140-characters per tweet to 280-characters with a “select small group” of social media influencers. In a blog posted by @Twitter, Product Manager Aliza Rosen and Senior Software Engineer Ikuhiro Ihara expanded on the reasoning behind this change.

“We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we're doing something new: we're going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters, in languages impacted by cramming (which is all except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).”

(Read the full blog here:

There was a lot of reaction to the new feature last night on Twitter as several of these select social media influencers flexed their Twitter muscle and took full advantage of the 280-character limit.

Needless to say, there are strong opinions on the expansion of the character limit. Many believe the thing that made Twitter unique was the short, concise messages posted on the timeline. It should be noted that Twitter has always taken the stance that they will never change their 140-character limit in the past. As a Social Media Strategist, I can honestly say I’m excited about this possible change. You try getting your advertising message across in 140-characters (INCLUDING SPACES) in a tweet! I can only hope this “select small group” eventually expands to the rest of us on Twitter.

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