Golf Fans Don’t Miss a Swing; Advertisers Split Screen Commercials

This weekend was the 2017 Open Championship, formally known as the British Open, and fan-favorite Jordan Spieth ended up winning with an exciting last day on Sunday. As I watched the exciting finish of the Open from my couch Sunday, I noticed something different about the commercials. Instead of cutting away from the riveting golf action, NBC and the Golf Channel showed the commercial breaks with a split screen. This way viewers could continue watching golf and view the national commercials on one screen. This got me thinking, “Why doesn’t every live sporting event do this?

As I was watching TV and my Twitter timeline, as a typical Millennial does, I noticed I wasn’t the only one enjoying the split screen commercial breaks.

I found myself less likely to change the channel during the commercial break and I enjoyed viewing what was going on in between swings. “We’ll stay live with the action during the commercial break” is what Mike Tirico would announce before the ads would start rolling. It should be noted that the split screen advertisements were national sponsorships and that there were a few commercial breaks that did pull away from the golf action throughout the tournament.

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