Facebook Creeping Will Never Be The Same

Mark Zuckerberg has adamantly expressed he wants Facebook to be an all-encompassing platform, not just a social platform, not just a news (real or not) platform, but a platform where you can join community groups, participate in constant garage sales and creep on that one person you haven’t talked to since the 9th grade.

Whether you admit it or not, we’ve all creeped on someone. Going to meet someone new? Look them up on Facebook. Trying to remember what an old acquaintance looks like? Look them up on Facebook. Want to see what your ex is doing? You get the point. This isn’t LinkedIn, where the person will be notified every time you view their profile. So, naturally Facebook is a great place to creep anonymously.

If you’re on Instagram or Snapchat you’ve probably seen the Stories feature in which users can post pictures or short videos to their Story to be viewed by their followers for 24 hours before it disappears forever. In an effort to keep up with the youngins these days, Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, recently took a page from the new kids on the social media block and introduced Facebook Stories. Though there are some new filters, stickers and all that jazz, Facebook Stories functions exactly like Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.

But creepers beware, just like Instagram and Snapchat, the person who posted his or her Facebook Story can see who’s viewed their Story. Facebook is a dinosaur compared to Snapchat and Instagram, so naturally most people have accumulated a lot of “friends” over the last 10+ years. My favorite feature on the Stories platforms is seeing who’s viewed the photo I took of my dinner. When I posted my first video on Facebook Stories a couple weeks ago, I was flattered knowing that the bully in 5th grade, my high school teacher and my 9th grade crush were all creeping on my content. You gotta take the good with the bad I guess!

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