A Guide to Creating a Twitter Promoted Tweet

We often times have clients reach out to us to ask what creative assets they need in order to promote a tweet on Twitter. Twitter is a completely different entity than Facebook and Twitter, in which often requires different messaging than the other two platforms. Below is an outline for what you would need in order to create a promoted tweet:

TEXT: As you may know, one of the many features that make Twitter unique is limit of characters you can display in one tweet. A tweet is made up of 140 characters including spaces. If you include an image or video in the tweet (which is recommended) it counts as 24 characters, bringing your character limit to 116 total characters. The tricky part creating a promoted tweet is getting your message across with a strong call-to-action in 116 characters.

IMAGE/VIDEO: A recommended size for an image in the promoted tweet is 800x320. A MP4 or MOV video can also be utilized. The maximum length for a video is 10 minutes, though we would recommend promoting a :15 to :60 second video due to users short attention span on social media. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter does not have any restrictions on text within the image or video thumbnail.

HEADLINE TEXT: The headline text is placed underneath the image/video. The maximum length is 70 characters including spaces though Twitter recommends staying around the 50 character range in order to ensure your entire text will be seen. This text should grabs user’s attention while they scroll through their timeline.

CLICK-THROUGH URL: The click through URL is essential to the promoted tweet campaign’s success. When the user clicks on the promoted tweet, they will be taken to this destination to learn more about the product or brand.

It should be noted that the promoted tweet will be reviewed by Twitter to ensure that there is no inappropriate language or content. Once approved, the campaign will be live and placed on your target demographics’ timelines.

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