march mADness

Arguably the best sports week of the year is upon us. Vasectomies are at their annual high while workers’ productivity drops to its annual low. Co-workers, friends and family who couldn’t tell you the names of five college basketball players are all of sudden self-proclaimed experts. It’s MARCH MADNESS!!

At Bucket Media, we love brainstorming fun ways to take advantage of this “madness” for our clients. It’s a unique opportunity to build strong awareness for your brand, product or service over a two to three week period. The consumer behavior of the NCAA Tournament viewer will probably surprise you. According to a study from Wunderman during 2016’s tournament, the top items purchased were children’s apparel, toys and baby products. The study also showed that these viewers were big spenders, making them a desirable target for advertisers.

In addition to the staple of in-game television commercials, we look at the countless options digital and social present to amplify the message. Many digital and social platforms have extremely niche demographic and contextual targeting options to ensure you’re reaching those college basketball fans in different ways across multiple devices. As fans are checking their brackets and game scores on mobile apps like CBS Sports, Y! Sports, ESPN, etc. and also streaming highlight and live games, digital consumption skyrockets providing ample inventory. Viewers are also taking the time to share with their friends exactly how that bracket is holding up via social media.

All of that being said….WHO YA GOT?! Give me Duke, Louisville, Arizona, UCLA In the Final Four with Arizona As your champion.

With my beloved Mizzou Tigers underperforming (to put it nicely) my basketball viewing throughout the year was at an all-time low, but if the picks above happen to work out, you can rest assured I’m a college basketball “expert” walking into every conference room like…

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