Realizing Life, From A New Mom Perspective

Being the newest member of Bucket Media has been an exciting change for me. They are a great company with the best people! They’ve welcomed me to the team and made me feel like part of their family…and family is HUGE to me, even more so now that I’m a mom. I had a baby girl, Bexley, in March of 2016 and my life has a whole new purpose and perspective.

I am an organized, detailed, overthinking planner; well, I was until I became a mom. Now I’m a little less organized, a little less planned out and my overthinking has turned to worry. Yes, this is the glamorous life I live and love. Of course, as with all things relating to parenting the bad is easier (and sometimes way more funny) to share than the sweet little intangible moments. I’m blessed to have tons of those each day, too.

The reality of being a new mom is that it consumes you in the most beautiful way possible. It’s impossible to sit down and watch a full episode of any of my favorite TV shows, and I don’t remember the last time I read a book or perused a magazine. Any free time I find is still consumed by Bexley; picking up toys, washing bottles, finding a lost pacifier, or searching Google or Pinterest for the most relevant subject of Bexley’s next stage in life: baby food recipes, sleeping habits, birthday party ideas, etc…

As you can imagine my reception to advertising and marketing efforts have changed as well. Marketing is everywhere, but I’m realizing the advertising that has the biggest impact on me, as a new mom, is the marketing encountered by chance. Here are a few of the realities that have set in as I transition into being a mom:

1. The quickest, most easily accessible things are considered first.

Drive-throughs win every time! No need to lug my 18lb bundle of joy into Panera only to have to pull a circus stunt to balance everything on my way out, and then drop/spill my entire white chocolate latte before I even get a sip. Free shipping, and a discount?!? Heck yes, hello Amazon Prime and Target Red card. Oh, you’ll deliver my groceries? Ok, thanks Hy-Vee.

2. If another mom/friend recommends something, I’m way more likely to try it

(if I agree and think it’s a good idea), than to spend the time researching and looking things up on my own. For example, my sister loved the car seat she purchased for my nephew, and since I used that system often I already knew how it worked. SOLD, Bexley has the same car seat has her cousin. No time spent researching and no worry on making a bad decision (especially in today’s world where everything is recalled every other day). My logic: they did all the research and Lincoln is still alive, so it will work for Bexley, too.

3. Things that tug at my heartstrings are really effective, mostly thanks to hormones.

The best example of this is the most recent Huggies commercial:

The first words to the commercial grab my attention, “We all need a hug in the morning” you can’t help but be overcome with awwww……

4. Subliminal messaging, and messages heard rather than seen sink in more.

Although I anticipate that changing as Bexley starts talking, and I learn the art of selecting hearing. Right now time is flying by, and is extremely limited as I devote every waking hour to my baby, so anything I have to take time to read or see is likely given only a passing glance. If I hear something from another mom, in the car or from the TV during the news while I cook dinner, the message might actually sink in.

5. ​The three G’s are all that matter in life. If you can’t figure it out through these three resources, it wasn’t meant to be figured out…

1. Google

2. Grandmas

3. Girlfriends

I reference Google multiple times a day, and expect my best friend to clear that google history should I die tomorrow. The things new moms Google are usually humorous, but things only other moms understand. Which brings me to Girlfriends. Girlfriends aren’t just a good resource, they’re a necessity, and not just girlfriends with kids. My single friends remind me to have fun, my married friends help keep my marriage in check and my friends with kids help keep Bexley alive. Grandmas: it almost goes without saying, but if having Bexley has taught me anything, it’s that my mom was right (yes, mom, for the record, you were right).

While it might have taken me this long to grasp some of these realities of life, I’m thankful for the lessons, and look forward to realizing my ever changing perspective on this motherhood journey.

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