Bucket Media's Super Bowl Commercial Picks

Bucket Media was very excited to see some of our clients’ commercials air regionally yesterday as we gathered around TVs, tablets or even cell phones to watch the most exciting night in the advertising industry! Or was it?! While the Super Bowl LI game itself was unforgettable and full of surprises, the national commercials were quite the opposite. Our entire team was left a little disappointed, or one could say even underwhelmed this year. Where was Doritos and their hilarious commercials?! The critters of Budweiser? No frogs, only one dog and no Clydesdales?

There was a mix of comedic spots and advertisements with an overarching message of unity during a heightened and tense political time. Not too surprising. Perhaps one of the most engaging spots, 84 Lumber, caused the site to crash after their controversial commercial aired, urging viewers to check out the full length ad (that was reportedly rejected and deemed too political by Fox) online.

While the national commercials may have been a bit lackluster in 2017, here are Bucket Media’s overall picks for the top 5 ads that made us laugh, reflect or tugged on our heartstrings:

Top 5:

1. Bai – “Justin Timberlake & Christopher Walken”

2. KIA Niro – “Hero’s Journey”

3. Mr. Clean – “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

4. T-Mobile – “#BagofUnlimited with Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg”

5. Hyundai – “A Better Super Bowl”

What was your favorite commercial that aired during Super Bowl LI?

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