Super Bowl 51

We have a new President and one of the first things on his agenda is to declare the day after the Super Bowl a National Holiday! All banks, schools and Government offices will be closed, as will all other business because it will be a National Holiday celebrating the MOST American sport in the Universe……oh wait…..I must have seen that information on a false news site. Oh well, maybe next year.

This year’s contest between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs should be a hot ticket…..AHHHH…another false news site! This game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots should be everything a Super Bowl should be: a great game between two deserving teams, an entertaining Half Time show, and a great showcase for commercials.

With a minimum buy-in for in game broadcast television spots at $5 Million dollars for an ad on the national level, each year the ads are talked about at least as much as the game. And if the game is a stinker, they really become the focus of our attention. Next Monday’s newsfeed will be filled with “Best ads” and “Worst ads”. YouTube views on the ads will increase for brands that finish in either category. Some may even go “viral”.

Which ads will stand out this year? Snickers will air the first “live” commercial and Hyundai will air an ad directly after the game featuring backstage footage. To up the excitement for its live ad, Snickers’ parent company Mars, will host a live stream 36 hours before broadcast. Advertisers are trying to stand out as they always have during the game but they are going about if differently. Heinz is skipping buying an ad during the game this year, and instead banking on getting publicity from giving (most) of its’ employees the day off after the Super Bowl, which; believe it or not; costs less for them than an in game ad.

Since statistics show that the Monday after the Super Bowl is consistently one of the most poorly attended days at the office (be it sick or vacation), I for one, think that other companies should consider this as well.

It was just announced that Bucket Media is setting a nationwide precedent by becoming the first business to recognize the day after the Super Bowl as what it should be, a National Holiday…wait….another one of those fake news sites…UGH…maybe next year. When it happens, I promise to blog about it.

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