3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Next Move

Content Marketing is not just an advertising buzzword; it’s the new thing taking over the advertising world. But, what exactly is it? Content marketing means creating and sharing content that is relevant to your products through channels that your consumers are already using. There’s a small, but oh so important difference between content marketing and traditional advertising: the medium. Content marketers use blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media. Traditional advertisers use commercials, print ads, and billboards. 86% of businesses are using content marketing tools, but only a select few are doing it well.

Not convinced? I wouldn’t be either. So, here’s three reasons why content marketing is the best decision you could make for your business.

1. Speak directly to your audience.

Nail down a target, and find out what they are interested in, what they’re reading and watching, and most importantly, what they’re sharing. Once you know all that, you can produce content that your consumers will want to interact with. A content marketing piece can be directed at a small niche group of your target, or the whole thing, without having to make a brand new campaign to reach them.

2. People pay attention.

The key to effective content marketing is making the actual content intriguing, yet relevant to your product. When you produce content that’s funny, engaging, and right up your targets’ alley, they want to consume it. Then, they want their network of friends to consume it. And when it’s really, really good, you go viral. The kicker about content marketing is that a lot of people don’t realize it’s advertising. It’s easy for people to get annoyed with traditional advertising. It interrupts their favorite TV show or keeps them from being able to read an article without breaks in the page. But with content marketing, people don’t feel like they’re being yelled at. And now, you’ve associated your brand name with that really funny YouTube video they watched last week.

3. Turn consumers into customers.

The whole point of any type of advertising is bringing in those customers, and then, turning those customers into repeat buyers. Effective content marketing makes an emotional connection with the consumer. That way, next time they’re in the store looking for the perfect laundry detergent, they think “Oh right, that’s the brand that wrote that blog about getting jelly, pudding, and wine stains out of clothes. They really get me.” And boom, you’ve got another customer. Keep producing awesome content, and that mom turns into a repeat buyer.

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