Fantasy Football & The Increase in Exposure

Are you in a Fantasy Football league? If so, you’re not alone. Approximately 20% of Americans play fantasy sports. Fantasy Football is the most popular fantasy sport, and Bucket Media is in its 3rd year of competition. Ridiculously competitive competition that is!

Just this morning I overheard two coworkers “discussing” their disappointment over one of them picking up a player the other one wanted off of waivers, a player they’ve probably never heard of before entering a Fantasy Football league. In fact, I’d guess that our FFB league has caused more than one of my coworkers to watch and pay more attention to the NFL than they would normally, which is great exposure for the NFL. More people are watching games on TV, streaming on Twitter (which you can do with certain games this year) and searching football websites, which in turn means more eyeballs for the NFL.

This also allows the NFL to generate more money through advertising. Not all these individuals are men either, 34% of all fantasy sport participants are women, women who watch more sports and listen to more sports radio. Reporting shows that ESPN radio gained 42% in its female listenership earlier this year.

Do you think fantasy sports help boost TV and radio ratings, or do you think they just add to the loss of productive worktime? It’s work when you are working on your team in the office league, right?

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