Media Mix Makes Me Merry!

TV is dead, they say. No one listens to terrestrial radio anymore, they say. Everyone is online and that’s the only way to reach them, they say. While that’s alarming for a Traditional Media Buyer like me, it’s also just not true.

You know what IS true? There is an audience at any given time for any given media.

Remember when your TV aired the National Anthem at midnight and went to color bars until early morning? That changed because there was a demand for overnight programming. While readership has declined in the traditional sense, newspapers continue to be printed and have grown their online offerings as well. Radio disc jockeys (who are most certainly NOT jockeying discs any longer – see? ALL things evolve) are still employed across the country. There are also just about as many avenues to advertise online as there are stars in the sky.

Why? Because businesses continue to see results from advertising on a variety of mediums and mediums continue to evolve accordingly. There are very few industries who can survive relying on one outlet to promote themselves. It’s typically a balance, and any advertising professional worth his or her salt would recommend a media mix that is both comprehensive and varied.

So how do you get started? It’s important to first determine your goals for your advertising plan. Do you need to improve brand awareness? Are you looking to increase sales? Promote an event or new service? Next, determine your audience and then find the best place to reach said audience in the most efficient manner. It really is that “simple” (and she laughs hysterically!) DO keep in mind: your demographic isn’t YOU. And YOU aren’t the demo. Don’t get caught up in, “Well, I don’t use Pandora/I never watch TV/I don’t have Instagram or use Snapchat or read the paper…” Rather, take a look at your customer base and find out where they consume media.

Sidenote: everyone feels it necessary to “track” where their customers heard their message. While I understand the desire to determine the return on your advertising investment, I implore you to take whatever tracking results you get with a grain of salt. Back in the day, everyone said, “I found you in the yellow pages!” but they first heard you on the radio, saw you on television, noticed a print ad or even just heard of you from a friend. So while the phone book looked like the rock star, it was supported by other advertising avenues.

Okay, back to the point. It’s also important to think of your day and how messages reach you. You may listen to satellite radio, but I’m certain you have walked into businesses where local stations are playing. Perhaps you mostly watch Hulu, but you tune into local news for information. You never see commercials, but they autoplay when you watch a YouTube video and they run in movie theaters while you’re waiting for the latest flick.

The fact of the matter is: there is no one plan that is the holy grail of spreading your message.

If a cookie cutter approach worked, places like Bucket Media would be out of business. If you need help determining your audience and the best way to reach them, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you Make It Happen!

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