Life Lessons Learned From Moving & Eggs

In case you haven’t heard, Bucket Media made a move a couple of weeks ago. Nothing dramatic, just necessary, but in true Bucket fashion, of course it’s pretty cool too. Over the past 10 years we have had our share of different offices…trying different things out, working to find the right locations, the right sizes and the right environments. Our first office in Columbia will always have a special place in our hearts…we happened upon a really cool old historic building in a progressive neighborhood in the heart of Columbia, and we fell in love with it. Since then, almost 10 years ago, we have called the Hamilton Brown Building ‘corporate headquarters’. Now we have been a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, trying out different spaces within the building, and like Goldilocks, on our third try, I think we have found one that is ‘just right’.

To say this move was easy would be an understatement. Along with moving comes dumpster diving for boxes (seriously, whose idea was that?), and cleaning, and lifting, and packing, and nailing, and hanging, and all of the things you forget to plan for in your carefully crafted moving plan that you think you have soooo organized. AND, let’s not forget the ‘you can’t plan for because you never could have anticipated the technical difficulties unless you were psychic’ things that come along as well. There were definitely challenges along the way, but the Bucket Media team stepped up to those challenges and beat them with poise, patience and teamwork.

After a few days of heavy lifting and meticulous dolly use (OnMedia, you are truly the definition of good neighbors), a couple of days of getting all of the internet ports figured out (thank goodness for wireless), a couple of weeks of random piles of stuff in corners that needed hung and hooked up (three cheers for handy husbands), almost two weeks without a fully functioning phone system (hooray for cell phones, online chat and Ashley’s patience), and a countless number of phone calls, emails and letters alerting hundreds of individuals and businesses of our new suite number (Stacy and Alyssa, you two rock), we are finally back in business (minus a few finishing touches – don’t judge our door sign)…I say this as I reach down to knock on the wood floor.

It’s been a ride. It’s been a lot of work. And the aesthetic in me has been in agony and challenged more than I ever would have imagined (thanks to Kerry from Aperio, for talking me through that piece J). But most importantly and most of all it’s been fun. It’s been an opportunity for our team to put our teamwork to the test in a real life challenge, and I have to say we passed with flying unicorns (please excuse the lame Asana reference, but we are talking teamwork here).

It was wonderful to see the Bucket Team at its best – everyone pitching in and being mindful of one another and strategizing and prioritizing tasks and projects and volunteering to take on both the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff too. The week before our move at our annual company retreat we did a team-building exercise where we tossed eggs to our teammates in a circle imagining they were clients/projects and practicing communication, efficiency and care while juggling multiple clients/projects (eggs) all at the same time. We weren’t perfect out of the chute. We did break a few eggs along the way, but eventually we came together as a team with an effective strategy and handled the eggs with ease. Maybe it was the practice at the retreat (that couldn’t have hurt anything anyway), but most likely it was because we all genuinely care about one another and our clients and see Bucket as an extended family that we are happy to go to bat for even when things get tough…and wow, that’s really the key to this effective team and we practice that daily through our interactions, our communications and our culture without hardly realizing it or even really trying. The result: effective teamwork and another win for Bucket Media. I’m happy to report that we survived the move without breaking any eggs.

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