Bucket Media Brand Refocusing

This year, Bucket Media will be turning ten years old. While there will certainly be a celebration worthy of such a milestone (have you met us?!) our first big treat has already been revealed: A brand “refocusing” complete with this shiny new website. As with any branding, we approached it with a definite reason, goal, and strategy… And it wasn’t just to have fun with pretty colors!

The world of advertising has changed drastically over the past decade, and with it, so has Bucket Media, which has grown into a full-service agency. Our old logo just didn’t tell that story!

But rather than start from scratch, it was important for us to take what worked with the old brand and adjust it to make sense in the context of the new Bucket Media. Hence, the “brand refocusing” rather than “brand overhaul” (a mistake a lot of companies make).

Our goals were simple:

• Establish a cohesive umbrella brand that stood out

• Showcase each department as both their brand and part of the umbrella brand

• Create all collateral needed to bring this to life

Before I launch into the details of those efforts, it is important to take a step back and define what makes for strong branding:

In many ways “branding” is just a fancy word for integrity, a way of powerfully demonstrating that “we know who we are and why we’re here.”

Successful brands create a culture, one in which people recognize themselves and that gives them a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves.

These brands focus on a single attribute, one that is both meaningful and memorable: The company’s “name and claim.” This idea is the key to uncovering the brand. We discover it by identifying the three words we would want people to think of when they encounter our brand, and why. For Bucket, these were:


Our jobs entail making things as streamlined for our clients as possible, eliminating unnecessary clutter and making their advertising plans as efficient as possible, our branding should reflect that mentality.


Clients can always expect the same high-quality work from us. This emphasis on consistency should be carried through to all our collateral. Each item, no matter how small should be well thought out and help present a cohesive branding, just as each campaign receives the same utmost care and attention to detail.


Many companies fall into the trap of making their brands so modern and clean they start to feel impersonal. It was crucial for us to show that there are real people behind all this success, people who are driven and passionate about what they do. Everyone in the office firmly believes in showing integrity and being truthful. To us this meant, not presenting ourselves as anything other than who we are. We are not stuffy or boring. At our office, we believe in having fun, in pulling pranks and enjoying happy hours, in thinking creatively, being resourceful and working incredibly hard to make a campaign win. We wanted to show all of that.

The result of all this soul-searching:

Brand Promise-

We problem-solve, brainstorm, and work hard help bring clients goals to reality. We are empowering, driven, positive, determined, capable and experienced.

Bucket Advantage-

We work to ensure each campaign is as strong as possible…

Strong in message,

Strong in strategy,

Strong in execution.

Brand Tagline-

Making It Happen

And the rest started to fall right into place:

An updated logo-

A new color palette, each color representing a different department-

And a whole lot of collateral-

Bucket Media will probably go through many more rebranding processes in the decades to come, and that’s ok… Let’s face it; the industry isn’t finished changing and we shouldn’t either. The important thing is that experiences with our company, from the first media kit someone receives to the marketing proposal that blows their socks off and solves all their problems, reflects the goals, ideas, and beliefs of Bucket.

Sir Richard Branson, who founded Virgin Record, said it best (of course he did, he was knighted after all), “Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.”

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