Strategizing to Reach the Ever Changing Millennial

The conversation often arises from potential and current clients alike asking our team to explain how we know where to reach their target audience and what creative messaging/content would we recommend to achieve the utmost success. For today, let’s break this conversation down a little further and look at what strategies should be used to reach Millennials and what truly captures their attention. You hear all the time that this audience is more difficult to influence than any other demographic, that they are an ever-changing generation and virtually impossible to reach. From the mindset of a marketing strategist, I beg to differ on many of the typecasts of reaching Millennials. I see millennials as an ever-changing generation that encourages or almost mandates that agencies and businesses alike continually be on their A-Game. You must incessantly research new and trending media, staying ahead of the curve and have a willingness to step out on the ledge from time to time and test the unknown.

In other words, Millennials are experts at keeping each and every one of us on our toes!

Millennials are entering, or will be soon to enter, their prime purchasing years. They are the future of possibly the largest consumer group in the history of the marketing and media world. Having the ability and strategies to not only reach this audience but to effectively communicate is becoming increasingly vital for all advertisers. Millennials also have a tendency to be socially conscious and want to make a difference in the world. According to Huffington Post, 61% of millennials are worried about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference. Is this social responsibility characteristic surprising considering the stereotypes that are often placed on this generation?

To our team here at Bucket Media, we have never been so excited to research, create and execute campaigns targeting this Millennial generation. Strategizing to reach this demographic has been a vital task for our team in numerous campaigns over the past few years. In the “Mobile World” today, 87% of Millennials have their phone by their side constantly. Crazy huh?! The question then becomes, how do we stay in front of these continual mobile patrons and what does this nonstop digital world look like.

“Google defines every time a user picks up a smartphone to learn, do, discover, watch, or buy something as a ‘micromoment’ and since the average person checks their smartphone 150 times per day (Yes, you read that right!), these micromoments are now happening everywhere all of the time.” What does this mean as a business owner/advertiser?

This means you must continually be thinking about how to utilize content to capture individuals in those critical moments of intent.

Whether it’s an instructional YouTube video or an amazing Snapchat filter, you need to create a strategy for getting your message/product in front of your customers when they need to see it the most.

Snapchat…some of you may be experts and others may still not quite understand what the hype of this social app is all about. “Millennials, a demographic marketers are spending 500% more to reach than all others combined, account for over 70% of all Snapchat users.” Snapchat also has surpassed Twitter in amount of active users and, “An estimated 150 million people now use Snapchat, according to Bloomberg.” Not only does Snapchat reach millennials, but comScore also reported in 2015 that it reaches 11% of the entire U.S digital population. Snapchat creates in a user’s mind the fear of missing out or ‘FOMO’ as you may have heard from those Millennials. It is real-time and raw content and is a way for advertisers to get in front of users in one of the many times they pick up their smartphone throughout the day during one of their ‘micromoments’.

Words of advice I’ve learned from some of my favorite Millennials (and truth be told I may actually be one): Continually research as media consumption changes daily, stay ahead of the curve in your marketing planning and be willing to think outside of the box and try new things! The one thing constant in life is CHANGE, and this holds so true in our media world as well!


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